Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The rising tide of anger over illegal immigration

There is a huge rising tide of anger in this country. You can see it in the so-called tea partiers, the Mass election and many other places. People are MAD because neither party seems to give a flip about average working Americans!
Here are some questions for Progressive and Conservative leaders.

1. English is a requirement for citizenship. Not speaking English does not mean you are here illegally, you could be here on a student, worker or tourist visa, but you are not a citizen. Only citizens can vote. Why then are ballots and voter registration cards printed in Spanish?

2. Why do Americans go bankrupt over medical bills yet illegal immigrants get free medical care?

3. We have 10% unemployment and are paying BILLIONS in unemployment benefits so why do politicians say we need to legalize 12 million illegal workers?

4. We already have laws against hiring illegal workers so why are employers not REQUIRED to verify workers thru E-Verify and follow these laws?

5. Average Americans wages are going down so why do politicians say we need millions of low wage immigrant workers?

6. So-called sanctuary cities that cater to illegal immigrants are breaking federal law so why do their leaders not get prosecuted and why do they still get federal tax dollars?

7. Why do Progressive leaders, who are supposed to be the champions of average American workers, support illegal immigrants who depress their wages and take their jobs?


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