Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rahm Emanuel’s apology accepted by everyone except Progressives

Rahm Emanuel said, referring to Progressives who suggested running ads against Blue
Dog Democrats, “That’s fu**ing Ret**ded!”
And he has already apologized for the choice of words.
As Obama said of Rahm Emanuel on Mothers Day, “this is a hard day for Rahm, he is not used to saying the word day after mother”

Rahm Emanuel is the one who got the Blue Dogs elected in the first place, he personally recruited many of them. Why, because these are conservative districts and thoe ONLY way to get a Democrat elected in a conservative district is to run a moderate Democrat! DUH!

If a Progressive would have run in those districts, the GOP would have won and gained control of Congress, is that better?

Remember, it is the Progressives in the House that are stopping the House from approving the Senate Health care bill. Because it is not Progressive enough. They are doing this KNOWING that any future bill from the Senate will be FAR LESS Progressive! Now that’s “That’s fu**ing Ret**ded!”

Progressive Democrat are behaving like a 5 year old child that demands 10 cookies from his Mother, she says you can only have 5, so the child stomps off to his room yelling THEM I’LL EAT NO COOKIES!


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